Manpower Details

Designation: Scientist A
Emp ID: 3183
Work Place: Thrissur Laboratory


  1. Development of polyaniline - Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (PANI-MWCNT) Nanocomposite for Optical pH Sensor, M. V. Kulkarni, N.A. Charhate , K.V. Bhavsar, M.A. Tathe, B. B. Kale, Materials Research Innovations 17(2013) 238

  2. Controlled synthesis of aligned Bi2S3 nanowires, sharp apex nanowires and nanobelts with its morphology dependent field emission investigations, S.S. Warule, N.S. Chaudhari, B.B. Kale, S. Pandiraj, R.T. Khare, M.A. More, Crystal Engineering Communication 15 (2013)  890