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Sponsored Project
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Development of Thin Film Solar Cell with Earth abundant Kesterite Absorber

Kesterite thin films are one of the most promising materials for low cost thin film solar cells since they consist of abundant materials and possess excellent properties ideal for photovoltaic applications.

Absorber layer for kesterite based solar cells are typically deposited using vacuum-based approaches.  Though it exhibits excellent characteristics, fabrication of commercial PV modules is expensive and thus the technology is not commercially viable.  This project emphasizes the use of solution techniques for developing low cost kesterite type thin film absorber materials.  Currently work is being carried out on the development of thin film absorbers.

Specification of the absorber developed

Energy band gap: 1.47eV          

Absorption coefficient: >104cm-1

Carrier Type: p Type

Film Thickness: ~1.5μm

Kesterite absorber film on SLG substrate                  Kesterite absorber film on Mo coated substrate

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Department of Science and Technology
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45.83 Lakhs
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Thrissur Laboratory
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