A demonstration plant is established at CMET Hyderabad for the recovery of valuable metals such as copper, silver and gold from obsolete printed circuit boards (100 kg PCBs/day capacity) in environmentally friendly way. Processing facilities such as depopulation, shredding, smelting, re-melting, electro refining and leaching units have been established with gas cleaning systems complying to CPCB norms. A front fired rotary tilting furnace is designed and fabricated indigenously with a view to mechanize the smelting process and thereby improving the yield as well as cost reduction. In order to promote environmentally recycling practices among informal sector, e-waste recycling facilities are extended to informal sector on chargeable basis. Silver 2N pure, copper ~ 90% pure and gold 99.9% pure are extracted using C-MET developed process.


 E-waste plant facility at C-MET, Hyderabad.


Rotary Tilting furnace (TBRF) with accessories


Molten metal being poured from TBRF to mould during smelting operations