Electrochemical Work Station (EWS)

Equipment Details: 

Model No.:Autolab-302N FRA32

Make: Autolab, Netherlands

Equipment Photo: 

For evaluation of electrochemical properties of supercapacitors by cyclic voltammetric and electrochemical impedance spectroscopic technique

Analysis Range: Voltage range: +/- 10 V, Current range: 10 µA ~ 1 A, Frequency range: 10 Hz~ 100 kHz

Contact Person: 

Characacterization In-Charge

C-MET, Thrissur-680581

e-mail: cmett@cmet.gov.in

Thrissur Laboratory
User Instructions: 

For supercapacitor: Specimen should be sealed supercapacitor having two terminal leads with dylly filled in Requisition Form

For Solution Electrochemistry: Required volutome of solvent and electrolyte solution are to be provided by the user (Sample should be submitted with dully filled in Requisition Form)