Hot Stage Microscope

Equipment Details: 

Make : Leica 

Model : DMLP


Technical Specification:


Sample amount   

< 1 mg


RT to 375 °C

Total magnification

16x to 1500x (3000x)

Transmitted light source

Halogen, 12 V 100 W



The instrument setup comprises of a heating stage (hot stage) with a sample holder coupled with a suitable polarized-light microscope and a system that allows measurements of video/pictures and temperature.

Equipment Photo: 
Contact Person: 

I). Dr Sunit Rane (Instrument in charge) Office No: 020-25989273

Email id : 

characterization in charge, Office no 020-25989273


Pune Laboratory
Working Principles: 

Hot-stage microscopy (HSM), is the combination of microscopy and thermal analysis to enable the study of materials as a function of temperature and time. Besides obtaining information about particle size and particle morphology, the visual examination gives valuable information about the compound with regard to melting point and other transformations during heating. Hot Stage Microscopy gives an unique opportunity to visually follow thermal changes.

Further, characteristics that can be analyzed under a hot stage microscope include melting range (which depends on the purity), crystal nucleation and crystal growth (which can be used in search for new polymorphic forms), crystal transformations and interactions between the compound and excipients (examination of compatibility). I.e. various pharmaceutical applications exist.