C-MET has been working in the area of Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC) since year 2006. LTCC is a multilayer fabrication process in glass-ceramic regime that primarily creates high density circuit boards with integrated passive components. LTCC finds applications in various fields. The materials property of low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss and inherent high reliability makes LTCC suitable for microwave circuits, allowing applications, in communications, military and aerospace. LTCC also finds applications in packaging of Integrated circuits, Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and Integrated Micro Systems. This capability opens up a host of additional applications in industry as well as healthcare. Recently, C-MET has developed indigenous LTCC tapes and pasts at pilot scale. C-MET, Pune has set-up state-of-the-art LTCC circuit and packages fabrication facility which is used to fabricate circuits, packages and materials. The facility comprises of possesses a ~200m3 clean room of Class 10000 that houses the complete LTCC processing facility including tape casting and materials preparation.

C-MET Thrissur focuses on development of hexaferrite based magneto-dielectric (MD) ceramic compositions that can be exploited for fabrication of dielectric substrates with application in antenna miniaturization. The flexible MD substrates for Radome application are also developed.

C-MET Thrissur also aims to develop ceramic compositions through scalable solid-state method for high dielectric constants substrates. The polybutadiene / ceramic composite laminates and Substrate Integrated Waveguides (SIW) are being developed for microwave and millimetre wave circuit applications