Ion Chromotography

Equipment Details: 

1.  Equipment Name:Ion Chromotography

2.  Equipment Details: Make: Metrohm, Model: 850 professional IC

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  1. Determination of hexavalent chromium (Cr VI)
  2.  Speciation of chromium
  3. Analysis of Anions
  4. Analysis of Cations
  5. Clinical utility
  6. Industrial applications
  7. Drug Development




  •  Good separation technique for major ions
  •  Speciation studies
  •  Metal analysis
  •  Low sample quantity


  •  Analysis time taken
  •  Maintained cost is high
  •  Maintained pH conditions
  •  Pre sample preparations are needed
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  1. Mr. B. Mahender(Instrument Operator ) Office No: 040-27267007

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  1. Dr. U.Rambabu(Characterization Incharge) Office No: 040-27267007

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Hyderabad Laboratory
Working Principles: 

Ion chromatography is a process in which ions and polar molecules are separated based on their charge. This can be done with most any type of charged molecule.