CMET's R&D activities at present include development of thick film materials, polymers for electronics, specialty chemicals and glasses, ultra high purity and refractory metals, semiconductors, electronic ceramics and fine powder processing. C-MET undertakes R&D projects, sponsored research, technology transfer, and consultancy and technical services.



C-MET carries research and development on electronic materials and their processing keeping in view the development in the electronic and IT industry all over the world. Many of these programmes are for advanced electronic materials and processes with partial funding coming from various national and international funding agencies.



C-MET will partner industry(ies) in developing new materials and processes useful to the electronic s and information technology sector under sponsored research projects. The work may include new product ideas, novel materials and processes, product and process development, modification of existing product/process for yield improvement and/or cost reduction and any other mutually agreed area.



C-MET is continuously engaged in activity relating to technology transfer. It can take up pilot plant studies, feasibility studies, production start-up activity, etc. so that the technologies developed within C-MET can be effectively transferred to the industry.



C-MET can provide expert advice and troubleshooting service to the industry for various day-to-day problems, yield improvement and data interpretation.



C-MET provides sophisticated material characterization and testing services like XRD , SEM-EDAX, GD-OES, AAS, CHONS, HPLC, GPC, Ion Chromatography, Particle Size Measurement, , LCR Measurement, etc. for the industry.  It can also provide other technical services like synthesis and supply of special materials and components, leasing of equipment,  training to industry staff and supply of scientific and technical information.

Out of the above activities direct customer services extended by C-MET is the technical services through characterization and testing.