Product Description: 

Recognizing the importance of the SMT, C-MET has developed solder paste required for the attachment of components to the Printed Circuit Board. The product is at par with the international standards. C-MET’s solder paste passes the IPC standard IPC-SP-819.


C-MET’s Solder Paste composition is available to prospective manufacturers for commercial use, at cost on non-exclusive basis. The interested parties may contact the Executive Director, C-MET.


PROPERTYCMET Solder PasteType Application method Shelf life Solder PowderRMA
Dispensing(syringe) or stencil printing Over six months (at 4oC)

  • Alloy
  • 63Sn/37Pb Alloy
  • 62Sn/36Pb/2Ag
  • Powder Size
  • International Type II (45?m to 75??m)
  • International Type III (25?m to 45??m)
  • 88-91%
  • Vapour phase reflow, IR reflow and hot air reflow
  • Good wetting with low angle of contact
  • Good joint quality with excellent shine

Commonly used cleaning solvents, such as, IPA 300-400KcPs for dispensing and ~600kcPs for stencil printing

Product Location: 
Pune Laboratory