Solder Paste for Surface Mount Technology

Product Description: 

Solders are commonly used for joining and connecting components to the PCB.  The advent of Surface Mount Technology (SMT) has forced the solder manufactures to produce solders in the form of pastes or creams. C-MET has developed Solder pastes having commonly used alloy compositions with international particle size specifications and RMA flux.

The solder paste is a homogeneous stable blend of pre- alloyed solder powder, flux, special additives & organic vehicle.  The most critical part of the solder paste technology is its flux. The RMA flux of the Solder Pastes is C-MET’s own formulation.  The formulation offers the flexibility of adjusting viscosity of the paste and its activity . This makes the pastes adaptable to a wide range of applications and dispensing methods, whether pin transfer or stencil printing.

The technology was transferred  to M/s. BT Solders Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore on non-exclusive basis for commercial production.

Product Location: 
Pune Laboratory