Equipment Details: 

Make : Shimadzu

Model : RF-5301 PC


Technical Specification:


The S/N ratio is 150 or higher for the Raman line of distilled water

Wavelength scale


Wavelength accuracy



High-speed scanning up to 5,500nm/min


RS-223C interface, interface for autosampler, and interface for sipper unit.

Operational temperature range



Equipment Photo: 

A spectrofluorometer can be used in basic and applied research, biofuels analysis, biotechnology applications, quality control, medical diagnostics, plasma monitoring and polymer analysis and as a tool in teaching laboratories.

Contact Person: 

I). Dr Sunit Rane (Instrument in charge) Office No: 020-25989273

Email id : sunit@cmet.gov.in 

II). Characterization Incharge,  Office no 020-25989273


Pune Laboratory
Working Principles: 

A spectrofluorometer is an instrument which takes advantage of fluorescent properties of some compounds in order to provide information regarding their concentration and chemical environment in a sample. A certain excitation wavelength is selected, and the emission is observed either at a single wavelength, or a scan is performed to record the intensity versus wavelength, also called an emission spectra. Generally, spectrofluorometers use high intensity light sources to bombard a sample with as many photons as possible. This allows for the maximum number of molecules to be in an excited state at any one point in time. The light is either passed through a filter, selecting a fixed wavelength, or a monochromator, which allows a wavelength of interest to be selected for use as the exciting light. The emission is collected at 90 degrees to the exciting light. The emission is also either passed through a filter or a monochromator before being detected by a photomultiplier tube, photodiode, or charge-coupled device detector. The signal can either be processed as digital or analog output.