Technologies developed & being transferred to Industries

Product Description: 

Modified silica filler for space applications

Modified silica filler is used as reinforcement filler in the adhesive used for bonding E-glass, strain isolation pads and ceramic tiles to space vehicles. C-MET has developed a technology for the production of space qualified phase pure modified silica filler at pilot plant scale. ISRO used modified silica filler supplied by C-MET in their Space capsule recovery experiments. ISRO requires regular supply of modified silica filler for their Relaunchable Vehicle (RLV) applications. C-MET has so far supplied nearly 440 kg of modified silica filler to ISRO. Now, C-MET would like to identify suitable enterpreneurs for continuous production and supply.  Average particle size and density of modified crystalline silica are < 8 microns and 2.3 g/cc, respectively. The level of technology readiness at C-MET: TRL 6.


Quickly Rechargeable Emergency Lamp

As a spin off technology of sponsored project on graphene based supercapacitors, C-MET has designed and developed an emergency lamp using supercapacitors. The salient features of the quickly rechargeable emergency lamp are charging time (< 2 min), power dissipation continuously up to 0.5 to 1 hr and can be charged from renewable energy sources. Ideal for rural India, where there is no regular power supply and the lamp is very handy, light weight and can be sold at affordable price. C-MET has filed an Indian patent application (No. 265/DEL/2015)  for this technology. The level of technology readiness at C-MET: TRL 5.

Product Location: 
Pune Laboratory