UV-VIS Spectrometer

Equipment Details: 

Make : Perkin Elmer

Model : Lambda 950



Equipped with 3 detectors: A PMT detector (photomultiplier tube) for the ultraviolet and visible regions, and InGaAs and PbS detectors for near infrared region. The InGaAs detector bridges the gap between the PMT - PbS switching wavelength where sensitivity is typically low to ensure high sensitivity over the entire measurement wavelength range. With <0.00003 Abs noise at 1500 nm, the world´s lowest noise level is achieved.

Technical Specification:

Optical System

All reflecting optical system (SiO2 coated) with holographic grating monochromators. Littrow mounting, sample

thickness compensated detector optics.


Photomultiplier (UV/Vis),

Peltier controlled PbS (NIR)

Wavelength range

175 nm – 3,300 nm

UV/Vis Resolution

 ≤ 0.05 nm

NIR Resolution

 ≤ 0.20 nm

Stray Light at 220 nm (10g/l NaI ASTM method)

≤ 0.00007 %T

Photometric range



Equipment Photo: 

It consists of a dual light source viz., tungsten lamp for visible range and deuterium lamp for ultraviolet region, grating monochromator, photo-detector, mirrors and glass or quartz cells.

Contact Person: 

I). Dr Sunit Rane (Instrument Incharge) Office No: 020-25989273

Email id : sunit@cmet.gov.in

II)Characterization Incharge Office no 020-25989273


Pune Laboratory
Working Principles: 

It involves the absorption of electromagnetic radiation by the substances in the ultraviolet and visible regions of the spectrum. This will result in changes in the electronic structure of ions and molecules through the excitations of bonded and non-bonded electrons.